Alternating Tuesdays - 7pm to 9:00

Explore performing, playing with an ensemble, as well as playing your own material for others in a friendly, positive environment. Music can be a wonderful communal experience that allows you to connect to others. This workshop focuses on helping you find your place in an ensemble and enjoy playing with others. We explore Performance, Ear Training, Soloing & Rhythm Techniques & more. 

OK to begin at any session. We are limited to 8 people per session so make sure to get in on the fun!

2 hours: $40 (what a bargain . . . and you often get to enjoy a glass of wine, too.)

2017 Performance Workshop
The next workshop will be: 
Tuesday March 7, from 7 - 9:00PM

The two links below are to a song list of what we’ve played and concepts we’ve covered over the past year. The list will updated twice a month so check back if your curious about what we’re up to.

Song List          Concepts Covered  914-944-7386