Study Music with Tomas  914-944-7386



  1. One-hour lessons: $70

  2. 45 minute lessons:$60

  3. Half-hour lessons: $40

  4. I strongly suggest that children under 12 years of age take half-hour lessons and must be accompanied by an adult.

  5. Lesson time includes time to set up and break down. Therefore, lessons will end 5 minutes before the hour (or half hour) to allow time for break down.

Lesson semesters

I break the year up into three semesters: Spring (January through June), Summer (July through August), and Fall (September through December). Lessons are taken on a semester basis. All agreements are made with semesters in mind.

Absence Policy

  1. 24-hour notice of absence is required otherwise you will be charged the full lesson rate.

  2. If for any reason I miss a scheduled lesson, the next lesson will be free.

Lateness Policy

Students and/or teacher can be up to 15 minutes late to a lesson. I will hold your scheduled time open for those 15 minutes. If I am late, I will make up the lost time and/or your lesson will be prorated.

Vacation Policy

Vacation time should be arranged in advance. I require a month notice for any extended vacation or break during course of study.

Summer Schedule

Summer lessons will be planned by June. Please note that I generally am away teaching seminars and doing clinics for a couple weeks each summer.

I teach in my private studio located in Westchester County (a suburb of NYC) as well as online lessons to students around the world.

I’ve taught guitar, bass, songwriting, composition, production, music theory and music history privately in music conservatories’ and in college classes as an adjunct professor of music. I take the craft of teaching very seriously and feel that I have developed a unique and comprehensive approach that enables students to enjoy playing while they become proficient in the art of music. Most lessons involve learning new concepts and then directly applying those concepts through practice during the lesson. I also have many students play in a band setting as part of the private lesson(i.e. with drums, bass, keyboards, etc.). Email or call to schedule a lesson and see if you enjoy my approach to teaching.