Theory 101 (Fundamentals of Harmony)
New Theory Class Coming Spring 2014

7pm to 8:30, alternate Wednesdays

Only $400 for 10 classes

This class is designed for the novice as well as the student that already has a grasp of basic theory but doesn’t understand how it relates to their instrument. Over years of teaching privately as well as in college and conservatory environments, I’ve seen that many students don't understand how to apply the music theory they studied. It made me realize it’s not the knowledge, but one's understanding how to apply that knowledge, that can make you a better musician. So I developed a teaching approach to make sure you not only learn the language of harmony but also see and hear how it relates to the music you play and love. Join me in an exciting class that will allow us to delve far deeper into theory than a private lesson can and discover the world of harmony.

Also available:

Ongoing Performance Workshop 

alternate Tuesdays. Join us in the ongoing workshop

that explores performance concepts and ensemble playing.  914-944-7386